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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Day Five: July 4, 2006

Internet access is all fee for service out here, except for email stations provided by NEA. So getting my blog entries posted has not been too convenient, but I am keeping plenty of notes, which will be posted when I get back.

For now I can give some overall impressions. The days have been very long, starting at 7AM with our delegate meetings to go over committee recommendations and caucus positions on New Business Items, NEA Constitutional Amendments, Legislative Objectives, etc. From there we go to the Orange County Convention Center for the full RA. The last few days of RA have ended past 6PM, so it's a good 12 hour day once we get back to the hotel.

As expected there are a variety of issues in circulation, some straightforward, others not so much. Some issues which seem like "no brainers" wind up producing lively and lengthy debate. No one can accuse NEA members for being dispassionate!

Tonight a small group of us from Lane County will be celebrating a casual Independence Day. Here's hoping all of you have a good one!


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